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I felt I had no choice. I wish I had a beautiful girlfriend. I don't remember you mentioning that. He took up the receiver and dialed. It is to his advantage. I got my hair cut today. The valley narrows 500 feet ahead.

Keep a good eye on Kuldip. Gabriel couldn't understand us. Have you undergone any surgery before? For what reason? Wilson couldn't get to sleep last night. The company gave him a gold watch in acknowledgement of his services. Marvin is much shorter than Joon is. Art showed her the letter from Santa Claus. I saw Mara a few minutes ago. I thought it was strange that he didn't turn up.

My mouth is clean. Are you going back to the party? Mayuko cried aloud. All the students were there. Marguerite returned home three hours later. Christmas is a good time to market new toys. I was zoned out because I was tired. Hy and Dean are both very conservative. It's a rough neighborhood.

Julia wanted Celeste to come to his party. Millions of people in this country suffer from too much information. Tran says that he's too busy to fall in love. George felt the train begin to move. He has impeccable manners, which means you can never be sure what he actually thinks! Gary asked me to look for some rope. Lindsay's engaged. He went on a voyage to America. Why did Sergeant kill himself?

He worked hard none the worse for the accident. If we leave now, we could be back in Boston by 2:30. The temperature is virtually fifty degrees below zero. Why don't you try to pay attention? Our bus comes late particularly when we are in a hurry.

This was a tough decision. She sat next to him on the sofa. He spoke softly to the men around him. The color will not go away, even with washing. Alain is the one who has to make that decision. Was this letter written by Cristina? I need you to stay and take care of Andries.

Samir smothered his daughter with kisses. You should arrive at school before 8:30. Where do you play tennis? It'll be three weeks before I see you again. I need you to call me. This is the book I want to read. We're concerned about it, too.

We'll follow him. I remember him well. That's the person I told you about yesterday. Jack reached out for the magazine on the shelf. I think we should stick to the original plan. I saw Amarth standing near the exit. My most favorite style of music is pop music. I'll stop by the post office on the way home.

Patrick and Lloyd went to church together. I should've been ready. Could you explain to me what happened? She wore a dress with a boned bodice. Sean waited expectantly for something to happen. The police did arrest someone. I can't imagine going out in this weather. I'm not a pupil. For over three hundred years, the Great Red Spot has been observed on Jupiter. They refused to answer my question.

Please stop looking at me. Do you have a gas can I can borrow? Chris loves country music. You're not a very good negotiator, are you? We love her. Nobody but a fool would believe it. The bank keeps money for people. As for today, I went out with my friends. Just brush your hair. Look, Harmon, I'm sorry I hurt you.

We'll help you out. Let's clean the garden, shall we? In that time I've decided to quit my job. Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun. Does Walt know what you've done? I bought butter, cheese, eggs and what not.

Derek lost his driver's license. Get the boy away from the fire! A skull shaped asteroid flew by the Earth on Halloween. It was a simple mistake. Will Cliff be OK? It doesn't make much sense to me, but Izumi has decided not to go to college. I want a piece of chocolate cake. Give me a piece of paper. Can you drive me to the airport?

It's Pilot's birthday next week. BitTorrent has been hit by scareware. We were all surprised at the appointment of Mr Brown as director. We'll discuss it later. How many pictures did you buy? We'll start at nine tomorrow. When shall we leave for the party? Why did you tell her?

Lucifer quickly realized his error. I just like singing! I don't speak Russian. That doesn't give us a lot of time. Sonja always sets two alarm clocks when he's catching the early morning flight. The proposal he made yesterday is now under consideration. Your advice is important for me. Whose handwriting is this?

Yutaka has two older brothers. You need to help him. I have pictures of San Francisco. My uncle now lives in comfort. She has gone, I feel like crying. This dogma is rather a paradox. Did you know that Sergiu was a friend of Raman's? Stop acting like this Theo! I'm tired of this nonsense! Just have done with it already! Can you think of anything that I could say to convince Reid to stay?

You should avail yourself of every opportunity to learn. I told her I would help. I could order you to go with me. She is plain and stout as popular stars go. I like jazz. There is a mysterious cycle in human events. To some generations much is given. Of other generations much is expected. Pierette seemed impressed. He tried hard, but achieved nothing. He is smart enough to answer all the questions. I made a deal with him.

Don't tell me Srinivasan can speak French, too. I just need a minute alone with Lindsey. Do you know where your keys are? I think that's right. Hal said he didn't enjoy watching baseball. We can't do this without Jamie. Dan was considering a divorce.

My cat had a fight with another cat.

The clouds dispersed themselves. I work on the other side of town.